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One of the things I like to read are not only motivational and inspirational quotes but also ancient proverbs from various culture and countries. It has so many wisdom. You do not need to know the language as translations are given here. Often time, when language is translated, we lose something in there, but it is best we can understand, all wisdom from these Indian proverbs, which I am sure will be loved by all, regardless of where you live.

My goal is to get all countries proverbs listed here when I get a chance. Here are some Indian Hindi proverbs to start off the wisdom proverbs series.

सौ सोनार की, एक लोहार की
Transliteration: Sau sunar ki, ek lauhar ki
Literal: A single blow of a blacksmith is equal to a hundred blows of a goldsmith.
Meaning: Generally used to demonstrate the power of a strong person to a weak one.
Source: John Christian (1891). Behar proverbs. K. Paul, Trench, Trübner & co., limited. p. 131.
जान है तो जहान है(Hindi)
Transliteration: Jaan hai to Jahan Hai
Literal: (If) there’s life, then there’s the world.
Meaning: Only if you are alive, things matter.
Source: Vihārilāla Mitra (1998). The Yoga-Vāsiṣṭha of Vālmīki. Parimal Publications.

जंगल में मोर नाचा किस ने देखा ?
Transliteration: Jangal main mor nacha, kisne dekha?
Literal: Who saw a peacock dance in the woods?
Meaning: Even a very good thing will have to be made public, to be acclaimed by people.
Source: India Today Volume 25. Thomson Living Media India Ltd.. 2000. p. viii.
जिस की लाठी उस की भैंस
Transliteration: Jis ki lathi usi ki bhains
Whoever owns the lathi (a huge cane/stick) owns the buffalo
English equivalent: Might is right
Source: S. W. Fallon; Sir Richard Carnac Temple; Faqir Chand (Lala.) (1998). A dictionary of Hindustani proverbs. Asian Educational Services.
घर का भेदी लंका ढाये
Transliteration: Ghar ka bhedi lanka dhayey
Literal: The insider who knows all the secrets can bring down Lanka (a very prosperous city in Hindu mythology)
Translation: Beware of the insider, for he can bring down the biggest setup
Source: Sanjay Chadha (2004). Mantras Of Success. Ocean Books (P) Ltd..
बंदर क्या जाने अदरक का स्वाद
Tranlisteration: Bandar kya jaane adark ka swaad
Literal: What does a monkey know of the taste of ginger?
Translation: Someone who can’t understand can’t appreciate (or) Someone without refined tastes cannot appreciate a fine thing
English equivalent: Laying pearls before swine.
Source: Henk W. Wagenaar; S. S. Parikh; D. F. Plukker (1993). Allied Chambers transliterated Hindi-Hindi-English dictionary. Allied Publishers.
अब पछताए होत क्या जब चिड़िया चुग गई खेत
Tranlisteration: Ab pachhtaaye hote kya, jab chidiya chug gayi khet?
Literal: What is the use of crying when the birds ate the whole farm?
Translation: There is no use crying over something that has already finished/happened.
Source: Shyam Bahadur Varma, ed (2006). Encyclopaedia of Quotations. Prabhat Prakashan

Source: Wikiquotes

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