How To Motivate Yourself

Admit it, we all like to be motivated to do the right things and be motivational to others. Sometimes doing right things needs habit changes and reminder. That is one of the reason I started this site, to keep me motivated and be inspired. You might be better at getting and staying motivated compared to me. But, believe me we can use some help now and then with right motivational resources; Here are simple and easy ways to motivate ourselves for success and happiness.

10 Simple Ways To Motivate Yourself For Achieving Goals

The Ultimate Goals Program Plus Bonuses1. Start Slow

Rome was not build in a day, it takes time to find goals, find focus. Take it slow. You might be inspired enough to get going and giving your 151% right now, but if we did that we might lose a steam just like runners who run so fast in the beginning, only to slow down later. Take one step at the time. After all, we have to learn to walk before we can run right? Make small steps towards goals, success to make sure it is long lasting.

There is really good program by motivational speaker Brian Tracy on Ultimate Goals. It basically outlines a mindset and motivation to get whatever you want in life to be a successful, be it money, relationship, losing weight or career enhancement.

2. Do not compare yourself with others:

When we compare ourselves with others, we bound to fail as there only one unique person. If you want to compare with somebody, compare yourself with yourself a year ago, five years ago and see how much improvement has happen in your life.

3. Do something that makes you happy daily

We are often so busy, doing daily routine chores, we forget to do things that makes us happy, making our life dull and boring. Don’t let that happen to you. Find one thing that makes you happy, be it drinking chai latte, or singing or reading your favorite book or watching funny movie and try to do it as often as you can.

4. Cut down on noise and Read Positive and Motivational Books

What do I mean by noise? Anything that makes you feel bad such as toxic people, television news program and so on. Free your time from negative activity to replace it by more creative and uplifting activities and things to do.

Reading positive and motivational books, articles and blog will inspire us to be do better, think positive and achive more today for success and happiness. Here are some great choices to get started with your motivational and positivity today.

Motivational Books

Happiness Books

Success Books

5. Think Positive Thoughts

Daily we hear many negative thoughts, some from others, mostly from ourselves when we tell ourselves : “I can not do it”, ” I am not capable”, “I am fat”, “I am not beautiful/handsome” and so on. Be conscious of negative talk and thoughts, once you realize, take a step back and think: “I am going to do my best”. Power of positivity is amazingly powerful. Try it.

6. Write down your Goals, Dreams

We often think about our goals and think we know exactly what we need and want. Writing down thoughts, dream and goals makes a big difference, as we can see it, think it and plan it better. Revisit your writing in few months and update as it needs to re-affirm your goals and dreams and change when it is needed.

7. Celebrate tiny Success

Celebrate and enjoy even littlest success or positive changes you have made. For example, your goal is to lose 15 lbs, and you lost 2 pounds, celebrate by doing something nice for yourself (except eating chocolate cake!, it will defeat the purpose otherwise). One can buy something small for her/him self, get a massage, hair cut or whatever that makes you feel good.

8. Stretch your comfort Zone

If we kept doing whatever we are comfortable with, we may stay where we are. If we want to achieve more, we need to do different things that is outside of our comfort zone. Not only doing things that we are bit uncomfortable with, brings us some fear and concerns but if we are successful, the result is astoundingly great and it also boosts our self confidence at the same time. Win-win situation for sure.

9. Get enough Sleep and Eat well

If we do not take care of our body to rest and nourish it, it will not work. Many have said “Health is True Wealth“, it is so true as without our proper healthy and rested body, we would be tired to motivate ourselves and others around us. Rested and healthy minds think lot better compared to tired, sleepy and hungry or unhealthy person.

10. Take One day at the time

Remember to take one day at the time, take it slowly. If your goofed on one of your goal steps, that is okay. Do not give up, start afresh next day. Give time to yourself and have fun. If it is not fun and enjoyable, we will not do it for long. Always write down “end result” in mind when you are working hard toward motivating yourself.

Here are Tips Stay Motivated and Be motivational to others:

1. Read Motivational and Inspiring Quotes

Read Motivational and Inspirational Quotes Here, other websites. You can get my new posts delivered to you in your email for Free! No spams what so ever.If you like that sign up here (for FREE!)

2. Keep Motivational Poster for Inspiration

Have Motivational Poster where you work, cook, or do creative thinking. You can make one yourself but get one professional looking from store. If you’re stumped for ideas, I have done research, here are a few motivational posters to inspire you to be the best!

  • Posters that promote healthy thoughts
  • Create an inspiring environment
  • Use the power of words to motivate, educate, and inspire
  • Ideal for all grade levels
  • Heavy-duty construction for years of use

3. Read Motivational books by experts!

Read motivational books, read moral stories on book on our website Motivational Quotes Headquarters. (see our homepages for various inspirational and motivational quotes, poems and moral stories). There are lot of websites and print books by great people who knows how to motivate us. Here are some of my favorite lifting mood books to read;

4. Finding Focus, Direction and Confidence

Find focus, direction in your life. One of the best way to get out of feeling down in rut and active, for me was to find focus, I had lost it somehow along the way.  Be Confident. Having right kind of support and metal attitude can do wonder for all of us. It is okay to sometimes to feel low, but we all strive to feel good, happy and confident most of the time.  We like The Science of Self-Confidence Training Kit, which will help you build rock solid confidence and eliminate all fears to get to your goal.

5. Listen to Motivational experts, and inspirational everyday heroes

There are many great motivational leaders, expert and some regular folks who can inspire us. Find best empowerment and leadership people, books and courses, join forums, group to find focus, motivation and stay motivated with like minded people or learn from experts. Here are some that I like;